Course curriculum

    1. Midjourney Introduction

    2. Discord Introduction

    3. Midjourney Website Introduction

    4. Midjourney Version History

    5. Prompting Categories

    6. Prompting Techniques

    7. Prompting Meta

    8. Adding Text

    9. Parameters

    10. Aspect Ratios

    11. Fast & Relax Mode

    12. Subscription Plans

    1. Upscales

    2. Variations

    3. In-Painting

    4. Pan

    5. Zoom

    6. Seeds

    7. Stylize

    8. Chaos

    9. Weird

    10. Style Raw

    1. Image Prompting

    2. Style Reference

    3. Image Prompting Vs. Style Reference

    4. Character Reference

    5. Style Reference Random

    6. Negative Prompting

    7. Art Styles Intro

    8. Art Style Examples

    9. Aesthetic Examples

    10. Medium Examples

    11. Art Influence Examples

    12. Color

    13. Multi-Prompting

    1. Remix

    2. Describe

    3. Prefer Suffix

    4. Permutations

    5. Prefer Option Set

    6. Tile

    7. Repeat

    8. NijiJourney

    9. Troubleshooting

    10. Congratulations

About this course

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  • 46 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content

Key Benefits

  • Never Fall Behind

    Enjoy lifetime access to the course and receive continuous updates as the technology continues to evolve

  • Unlock Your Creative Potential

    Discover how to transform simple ideas into magnificent artwork that reflects your vision

  • Pre-Made Prompts

    Gain instant access to 278 Prompt examples and 152 additional templates to guide your imagination


“I want to extend a big thank you to Nolan for creating this outstanding course. With 27 years of experience in the creative industry as a DOP/Cameraman based in London, I’m seeing the tools of our trade evolve at a dizzying pace with AI leading the charge . Navigating the vast sea of online tutorials and fragmented information can be overwhelming. I was searching for a comprehensive guide to help me step into the new realm of prompting, text-to-image creation, and beyond. Nolan’s course is precisely that guide. It’s essential for anyone needing to enhance their creative skills and embrace this new landscape. So, arm yourself with a grammar book, a dictionary, pen and paper, and make Chat GPT your ally. Begin your journey with Nolan and experience a true creative reeducation.”


“I entered the world of Midjourney and AI image generation feeling overwhelmed. My casual dabbling led to results that were nothing like I'd hoped they would be. When I found Nolan's YouTube channel, I was so impressed with his easy-to-understand approach and his breaking down the process into simple steps, I happily signed up for his AI Art Beginners Course. I was not disappointed! Nolan touched on every aspect necessary to really understand how Midjourney works and how to get the most out of it. He used great examples that demonstrated what you can accomplish with some knowledge and experimentation. Even his explanation of how to get the most out of your Midjourney subscription has been useful! I'm looking forward to his future classes.”


“I recently completed the Midjourney Beginner Course, and it was truly transformative! The course content is comprehensive, detailed, well organized, clear in its presentation and is meticulously curated. Nolan's expertise and passion are evident in every lesson, making each concept easy to grasp and apply. Since taking the course, my generative art skills have significantly improved, and I've developed a unique style I'm proud of. The flexibility to learn at my own pace, combined with the comprehensive and engaging content, made this course a game-changer for me. I highly recommend the MIdjourney Beginner Course to anyone looking to elevate their generative art skills and unleash their creative potential. It's an outstanding investment in your creative journey! ”


“Nolan’s AI Art Beginner course is loaded with valuable information. He does an excellent job of explaining the information and gives many examples of how to use all of the parameters. If you are new to Midjourney, do yourself a favor and take this course. You will definitely shorten the learning curve. ”


“Five of five stars! Nolan's beginning AI course--in the most important terms of content, Midjourney's background and history, course sequence, and his personal delivery--are simply awesome as he takes the student into the world of AI art. By course's end, you'll have a solid foundation to understand the awesome (and sometimes frightening) capability AI offers to generate your own art. What are you waiting for? This course is a solid personal investment.”


“Your course is amazing ! I cannot thank you enough for the quality, generosity, and professionalism of your Midjourney Beginner Course. I knew nothing about Midjourney, but your clear and precise teaching paved the way brilliantly. I appreciate how you explain, give examples, and then summarize. It feels great to learn with you!”


Course Introduction

Harness Your Imagination

Overwhelmed by A.I?

Do you struggle to keep up with the evolution of this technology?

  • Midjourney has grown so much in the last 16 months! Many aspiring AI artists struggle with the complexity of Midjourney's features, feeling overwhelmed by the options and unsure where to start. This can lead to frustration and artwork that doesn't match their vision.
  • I can help with that! I've run over 56,000 prompts and generated over 224,000 Midjourney Images. My goal for this course was to break each feature down into simple and easy-to-understand sections. You'll learn why each feature exists, I'll tell you when you should use it, and I'll show you some ways that you can master it. 
  • Don't worry about falling behind, you'll have access to this course forever and I'll continue to update it as Midjourney adds more features.


  • What prior knowledge do I need before taking this course?

    None! I start at the very beginning by showing you how to sign up for Discord, then we'll walk through every single feature. I've processed over 56,000 prompts and created more than 224,000 images in Midjourney – I'm here to pass on all the tricks I've learned along the way.

  • What exactly do you teach?

    I host a detailed presentation of each Midjourney feature, and I use the same four sections for each lesson. First, I'll tell you what the feature actually is and what it does. Then I'll tell you why you should know about it and why it matters. Next I'll show you when you should use it and what it helps with. And I end each lesson by telling you about some more advanced things to think about.

  • Are there any live sessions or is it all pre-recorded?

    The course consists of pre-recorded lessons for you to proceed at your own pace. Lesson slides will be available to download locally to your computer.

  • Do I need any special software or subscriptions to follow along?

    You’ll need an active Midjourney subscription if you want to follow along.

  • Will I have to pay for updates?

    No! Your purchase grants you access to the course forever. And I will continue to update this course as Midjourney is updated.

  • Why did the price increase?

    The course price reflects the value of new updates and additional content as they're added. Securing your spot today guarantees the best price, as you'll receive all future updates at no extra cost.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Eligibility: Refunds are considered within 14 days of purchase for students who have completed less than 30% of the course content. This allows ample time to explore the material while ensuring the course is a good fit. - - - - - Process: To request a refund, please email me at [[email protected]] with your purchase details and the reason for your refund request. Each case will be handled individually to ensure fairness and customer satisfaction.

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